City of Myrtle Beach

Terry Carter has worked on our entire HP product line for years in the City of Myrtle Beach at all locations through out the city. During this time, he is still very dependable responsive person who never missed a call.

-Mark Dew

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Horry County Clerk of Court

If there is ever any problems with a product purchased, Terry corrects the issue. When there is any kind of problems with our printers and our Information Technology staff cannot correct it, Terry is the individual they call. His service is outstanding and his prices are hard to beat.

-Teresa J. Best

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Conway Medical Center

Terry Carter has been servicing printers at Conway Medical Center for the past 7 years. During this time he has been very timely to respond to both emergencies and nonemergency request and has provided excellent service. I would highly recommend Mr. Carter to anyone considering this type of service.

Mickey Waters

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Horry County IT/GIS Department

I would like to recommend Terry Carter to service your copiers Terry has been taking care of printers for Horry County for approximately six months now. We think very highly of him. He is extremely courteous, efficient and honest. The best thing about Terry is that he is fast in responding to our calls. We cannot wait days for someone to come and troubleshoot a printer after we call. Terry responds the day of the call and most of the time within a two hour time frame. He is very honest about cost also. He will tell us whether a printer is worth fixing given the age of the printer, thereby saving us money In the long run.

If you go with Terry to service your printers, you won't be sorry.

Lili Fyock

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