SC 15th District Solicitors Office

I am pleased to write a letter of support for Terry Carter. As Office Manager for the Solicitor's Office over the last 34 years, I have worked with many vendors locally and nationwide, and have not met a vendor quite like Terry Carter. Terry exhibits the highest level of professionalism and his prices cannot be beat. He stands behind his product and if you have a problem with a cartridge, he will gladly replace it.

In the early 80's I purchased a Savin 770 copier and several electric typewriters for the Solicitor's Office through Herald's Office Supply. Terry Carter was the Service Manager at Herald's during that time. During his tenure with Herald's, we did not have any problems with our service. As our office grew, we purchased many more copiers for Harry and Georgetown Counties over a 20-year period. Terry has come to my aid on several occasions and on the weekend during death penalty cases.

I can confidently recommend Terry Carter as a solid and reliable supplier and expert in his field. Exceptional service and exceptional price...what more could one ask for?

Cathy Floyd

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